Compustar Drone Remote Car Starter Installs Sault Ste. Marie ON

Build Your System
To add DroneMobile to your vehicle, you must install a Drone device and compatible Compustar system to your vehicle.
Smartphone App
Download the DroneMobile smartphone app for free from your smartphone’s app store today!
Drone Device
Add unlimited range and tracking to your remote start system with a DroneMobile device.
Compatible System
Pair with a Compustar Remote Car Starter system for unlimited range remote start and security.

Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my smartphone compatible with Drone?

The DroneMobile app is available for all iOS and Android devices.

Is my car/truck/vehicle compatible with Drone?

A Drone unit can be installed onto any make/model/year vehicle. To confirm compatibility, make sure to contact your local DroneMobile retailer today!

Will Drone work with my remote starter?

Drone currently supports the following brands of remote starters:

Arctic Start
Will Drone work with my factory alarm system?

Yes. However, additional parts, such as a bypass module, and/or installation services may be required to ensure seamless integration with your vehicle. Contact your local DroneMobile retailer for a detailed description of how Drone can be installed onto your car. Remember, Drone can work with all vehicles!

Will Drone void my original vehicle’s warranty?

Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you and your vehicle’s warranty is protected by law when installing any aftermarket audio products. That being said, it is absolutely essential that you receive professional installation of your products. In other words, don’t ask Uncle Phil to install your Drone!


What commands can I send to my vehicle with Drone?

Once you’ve downloaded the DroneMobile smartphone app and install all necessary parts into your vehicle, you can now unlock, lock, and remote start your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Also, if your phone ever dies, you can always access your vehicle securely from your computer or laptop!

What kind of alerts can I receive from Drone?

Using the DroneMobile smartphone, you can customize your Drone system to send you text, e-mail, or push alerts whenever your security system is triggered. The detail of these alerts will depend on the features of your security system.

For tracking, you can set your Drone to send you zone, speeding, and maintenance alerts/reminders. No additional parts are required for tracking features, only a DroneMobile Premium account. See Plans

What if my phone is stolen?

If your smartphone is ever lost or stolen, we recommend that you immediately login to your account at DroneMobile.com and change your password.

As a precaution, you can also set a 4-digit pin on the DroneMobile smartphone app that will be required whenever the app is opened. This can be set in your ‘Preference Settings’ in the DroneMobile smartphone app.

Will DroneMobile work for my business?

With the release of the new DR-3100 module, Drone becomes the perfect tracking solution for businesses seeking to improve the safety, accountability, and efficiency of their businesses. Whether you want to set up alerts on driver activity/behavior or you want to add convenience to your fleet vehicles, Drone can help you take your business to the next level!


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