Single Heated Seat including install

There is no better feeling than climbing into your vehicle in the dead of winter and your seat feels like it just came out of the drier. Car Trek has been helping people in Sault Ste. Marie take on winter for over 10 years. Heated seat comes with a Hi/Lo switch that can be mounted anywhere you would like. looking for more ways to beat winter check out one of our Car Trek remote Car starters and we integrate your heated seat so that you can turn on/off your heated seats with the same remote you start your car with.

Product Description


Quick heat-up time 1-2 min

Carbon Fiber backrest & bottom cushion heating pads

Heating Pads can fitted on almost any standard seat

Dual temperature control system

Illuminated 2-colour switch for High & Low temperature settings

Heating Pads become invisible once installed with the exception of the switch

Heated seats can be integrated with remote starter for automatic heating 


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