Car Trek Auto Sound and Security offers a large selections of install services for those in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding areas. We can help with audio upgrades, remote car starters, and the latest in technology integrations, whether you own a car, truck, ATV, boat or trailer. The way we look at it is if it has a battery we can take care of all your 12v accessory install needs.  We can handle just about any type of accessory install. Give us a call or submit a request for a quote.





The best sound possible with the best gear, always expertly installed. One listen and you won’t want to get out of your car. At Car Trek, we are proud to take car audio to a whole new level with head units, subwoofers, speakers, amplifiers, Bluetooth solutions, steering wheel integration modules and anything else audio you could ever want or need.

Services include: Car audio repairs, tuning, installations, custom audio builds.


Whether it’s a cold Canadian morning or a hot summer day a Car Trek remote car starter will be there to help you get wherever you are going quickly and in comfort. Once you have a remote starter you will never be able to own another vehicle without one.

Services include: Remote starter repairs,remote replacement, removal of old starters, installation of new starters.


Aside from a house, your car is one of the most important investments you make. It takes you wherever you want to go, you trust it to keep your family safe and it slowly becomes an extension of your home with valuable items being stored inside. So why not protect your vehicle the same way you would your home?

Services include: car security, motorcycle security, RV security, boat security, work trailer security


No one likes being lost, whether it is around town or traveling around North America. Car Trek offers a wide variety of in-dash navigation systems from all of the top brands.

Services include: In-dash navigation systems and externally mounted navigation.


Road trips, they are the hallmark of every family vacation and are often filled with phrases like “Are we there yet?” or “They are on my side!”. Let us help add a bit of peace to the drive with one of our overhead or headrest mounted DVD players, or additional power outlets to charge all of those devices

Services include: Rear Entertainment, Headrest DVD, Overhead DVD


Why should you let your car get all the toys? If you can put it in your car we can put it in your boat for you to enjoy too. Good sounding audio shouldn’t be left on the shore bring it out on the water with you. Decks, speakers, sub woofers, amplifiers and lighting are just a few of the upgrades we can add to your boat.

Services include: Audio, sonar, GPS, lighting, electric trolling motors, electrical re-wiring or repair trailer wiring.


We don’t have eyes in the back of our head but imagine if we did? We can’t install a set in your head but we can sure make it feel like you have a set every time you go for a drive.  We can even install collision avoidance systems letting you know if someone is lurking in your blind spot during a lane changes.

Services include: Back-up cameras, Front and Rear parking aid sensors and collision avoidance systems


Let us help brighten up the night for you with a variety of lighting solutions. We offer HID lumens, for those wanting more out of their headlights.  We offer lighting options of all shape and sizes, even those that can turn night into day for avid back country explorers.

Services include: Headlight upgrades Lumen’s HID’S,LED’s, off-road lighting, work truck lighting, interior lighting


A great addition to any car or truck that has to survive a Sault Ste. Marie winter. Let us a little warmth to your winter. Come in and add it to your new starter package or just add it to your car to have a one up on winter this year.

Services include: Heated seats, heated mirrors, heated hydraulic tanks-(snow ploughs and construction equipment)


Your vehicle can have all of the great features you want. If you need power windows, power locks, an inverter, trailer brakes and/or lighting installed, we are your guys. You name it, we can do it. So gives us a call to see what we can do for you.

Services include: Power windows, power locks, inverter installs and all other accessories


Car Trek Auto Sound & Security sells and installs a large selection of custom cruise controls from Rostra Precision Controls Inc. We can install cruise controls in almost any make and model of vehicle using only the top brands.

Services include:Cruise Control Installation and Cruise Control Servicing



Got a Question give us a call 705-253-2508 or submit our simple request a quote form by clicking here.

Or you can just stop in if you are in the area we are located downtown at 245 Wallace Terrace in Sault Ste. Marie ON, right across from Tenaris.