Collision Avoidance systems

Most drivers have experienced that sense of panic from almost swerving into another car that just wasn’t visible. Blind spot monitoring avoids this by alerting the driver when another vehicle enters its blind spot. In some systems the vehicle will even steer itself away from the approaching vehicle to prevent the accident.

Blind spot sensors are designed and developed to help drivers make safe lane changes reducing the chance for accidents. They work by employing a short-range radar sensors mounted in the bumper on both sides of the rear of the vehicle which are always monitoring the areas directly alongside and behind your vehicle.


Product Description


Blind spot monitoring systems can use either cameras or radar to watch the areas around your vehicle the systems are designed to alert you of other vehicles that are potentially within a danger zone. In most blind spot assit systems  lights are mounted both sides of the interior of the vehicle that will light up when another vehicle is present around you. If the driver activates the turn signal while the system senses a vehicle in the blind spot, an audible sound is made to alert you that it is not safe to change lanes yet.


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